Peridot – August Birthstone

Peridot is born out of volcanic rock in parts of New Mexico, Burma, Pakistan, Lanzarote, (among other places), this vibrant Green stone awakens the heart and eliminates fear, its beauty brings life to your power and heart centres and connects us to the energy that lies beneath the earth’s surface. In Ancient times, peridot stones were used for carved talismans. Habitants of Zabargad island (where it used to be mined) were forced to collect the gems for the Pharaoh’s treasury. Legend says that the miners worked in the daytime as well as night, as the gems could be found after nightfall due to their radiance. The miners would mark the spot at night for retrieval the following day. Ancient Egyptians knew it as “the gem of the sun.”

Peridot carries a positive energy that is helpful for those undergoing traumatic emotional situations. Peridot can work with both the Heart and Solar-Plexus Chakras to affect an understanding of the role relationships play in one’s life, whether romantic, friendly, or otherwise. As such, Peridot is a good crystal to wear or carry during interaction with others. Peridot is also a protective crystal and is exceptional in group situations, offering its upbeat and comforting vibe to all nearby.

Physically, Peridot offers deep healing vibrations to the whole body. Specifically, Peridot can bring healing to the lungs, heart, and stomach. It can treat ulcers and strengthen the eyes. Balances bipolar disorders and overcomes hypochondria and is believed to assist in childbirth.

Peridot is a 16th Anniversary gemstone.