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Urban Collection

This collection of ‘Urban Jewellery’ is an exploration of body language, our personal space and our energy field that surrounds us.

Living in London for many years can bring an edge to your attitude on life. In the business and hustle bustle, one can forget one’s own true nature and become over protective and possibly de-sensitised from other human beings.

These pieces reflect how, if you over protect yourself, you can hurt yourself as well as others. Making a concise effort to be aware of this and taking off one’s ‘armour’ every now and then, can bring a new softening and balance to the flow of life.

These pieces are for sale (P.O.A) but may also be hired for photo shoots etc.

To commission a piece in similar style, contact me to discuss.

one of a kind

Custom Made Jewellery by Natasha Heaslip
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Natasha has an amazing eye for her jewellery craft.
She brings together a piece of jewellery with such ease and so naturally the completed piece is beautiful and full of heart!
Thank you so much Natasha.

Penny Jones

Natasha’s work is incredible. I love that every piece she makes is so unique, and she can put her hand to any style. Her passion for what she does comes through so clearly in her work. Thank you for all the amazing pieces over the years!

Eleanor Winters